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In the day and age of processed food and quick fix meals, sometimes it’s hard to know what we’re putting in our body. Add to that all the new studies on what you should and shouldn’t be eating, when to eat it and how much to eat. It gets a bit confusing, wouldn’t you agree?

I personally try to stay ahead of the food trends (as seen on my latest monthly contribution column to Get Out Canada) and eat at the latest restaurant hot spots. But what I really enjoy is to come home and be in the kitchen cooking, doing what I love. The sad part is that not many people share this enthusiasm or knowledge, and aren’t even sure where to start. The problem is that people need to fall in love with food again.

The Naked Label, which founded in 2009, is looking to help you do just that and keep you healthy at the same time. They just released their best selling cook book “Get Naked in the Kitchen” written by certified holistic nutritionist and food guru Briana Santoro.

“The cookbook is designed to transform your relationship with food. Briana along with some of the best experts in the industry come together and share their passion for food showing people there isn’t only one right way of eating and choosing what you eat doesn’t need to be complicated. The cookbook inspires people to listen to their inner expert and find the way of eating that works for them. The cookbook provides the tools to create the healthiest relationship you can have with your food. And best part? All of the recipes are delicious!”

I recently had the chance to sit down and chat with Briana about her cook book, food and falling in love with it.

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1. What was the first dish that you ever cooked that made you fall in love with food and why?
I started cooking when I was a little kid with my mom in the kitchen. I have always loved food, and creating new dishes. I can’t remember what the first dish I ever made was but it is highly likely it was spaghetti! Growing up that was my favourite food. Even as a kid I learned how to make my own pasta from scratch and my own sauce. Nowadays, I stay away from refined flour but haven’t let that slow me down! I love making brown rice pasta, spaghetti noodles from spaghetti squash, and raw needles from zucchini and sweet potato!
2. If you had one tip to help someone who doesn’t feel comfortable in the kitchen, what would it be?
My number one tip would be to change their attitude. I often hear people say that they don’t cook because they aren’t good at it. The way I see it, no one was born good at cooking, it is a skill that we learn as we practice. Goodness knows I have made MANY mistakes in the kitchen. The great thing is that I learned from them and they actually made me a better cook. If someone doesn’t feel comfortable in the kitchen I would suggest picking a few new recipes per week, get into the kitchen, put on the music, maybe pour yourself a glass of wine and have fun. I am convinced that with a bit of practice anyone can become a great cook!
3. Food trends come and go, and Do The Daniel would love to know what you feel the latest “hot item” to have in the kitchen and cook with.  Why?

I think the hottest items right now are coconut oil, kale, almond milk, and quinoa. These are all ingredients that were not commonly found in your average grocery store 5 or 10 years ago. My fingers are crossed that these foods stick around. They are definitely some of my favourites!

I can definitely say that Briana’s attitude is contagious and helped remind me how amazing food can be. The best part is that as I peruse her cook book I am coming to learn easy tricks to make some of my favourites a little healthier and a little lighter. Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?

So… does this sound like something you would want to get your hands on?  Lucky for you, I am giving away one lucky winner a brand new copy of “Get Naked in The Kitchen” by Briana and her amazing team.  Simply tweet the following:

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