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For the majority of us, life is full of to do lists, chores and errands that take up our energy and time. Not to mention work, family & friends, we also have to find the time to be inspired to cook delicious and nutritious meals at home after it all. Some days are easier then others, and sometimes we succumb to the inevitable take out because it is just too easy. I have written about other brands and companies that try to solve that problem of inspiration and convenience in the kitchen by bringing everything you need to the door. Recently I was asked to try out, a delivery system that brings pre-portioned fresh ingredients and delicious recipes to you. Let me tell you about my experience and why those of you living in the city of Toronto need to try it out as well.

So, first things first, I had to chose what I wanted to cook. On there are choices for every kind of person. I scrolled through deliciously stylized photos and culinary creations and finally chose The Pan Seared Ahi Tuna with White Miso and Mustard Sauce with a side of Harusame Salad. Sounds pretty delicious already, wouldn’t you say? The fact that the ingredients themselves all sounded so delicious and at a price point of $21.50 for two servings, is in fact cheaper then what dirty takeout would cost me. It was a win-win situation in my mind. So a few clicks later my order was placed and I anxiously awaited to see how it all would arrive.

how it works

Once at my door I opened up the culinary care package and laid out pre portioned ingredients and thought to myself how great this would be for a mom on the run like Amanda AND a health nut like Catherine. For busy boys like Julio & I, it also was perfect because I didn’t need to run out to get spices for the recipe or oil to cook anything. Every piece of the delicious puzzle was ready and waiting for me.

“… a fresh and exciting new option to help you easily prepare and share gourmet dining experiences in the comfort of your own home. Initially serving residents in downtown Toronto (seedelivery areas), Recipieces combines next day delivery* of pre-measured and pre-proportioned ingredients with clear and simple instructional content and techniques to ensure a fantastic dining experience each and every time, with you as the master chef!”

Check out the promotional video below about how convenience and inspiration after a long day are making Recipieces a great addition to your daily routine.

Now, I don’t want to brag, but I know my way around the kitchen quite well and to me this would have been a lot of fun but not anything I hadn’t experienced before. So to really put Recipieces to the test, I decided to let Julio take the reigns. FASHIONIGHTS might be an international voice for Fashion & Beauty, but ladies and gentlemen (he’s gonna kill me when he reads this) my husband to be has burnt water in the past. Don’t ask me how he defied the laws of physics, but he did it. So when I decided to take a step back and see how Julio would fare with the ingredients and recipes we received, it was for you all. I wanted to know how someone who might not be comfortable in the kitchen would feel with the process. Not everyone loves to cook and not everyone can cook, so this was the best test I could put Recipieces through.

I had no doubt that Julio could do it, and step by step, he excelled with the amazing instructions provided with the fresh food. He would describe the process as slightly confusing in the beginning (before he realized it was labelled on the back of the containers, so make sure to read everything before you start!) but convenient and fun in the end. He worked away to create a beautiful meal for us both and we both feel as though Recipieces is a great addition to the Toronto market for busy people like us. I’m sure expansions are in the works for the rest of you outside the city borders (see map of delivery locations below) but for now, I would encourage Torontonians to give this a try and see what we mean.



Check out photos from Julio’s cooking adventure and the final results of being my Do The Daniel guinea pig below. I’m so proud of him and I know that the point of showing someone who doesn’t think they can cook that they can is a great feeling. So don’t be scared!  If FASHIONIGHTS can do it, then so can you.






Great job babe! And let’s be honest, there’s nothing quite as hot as a man in the kitchen cooking a meal for you… yummy indeed.

All in all we loved the experience and I would say its a lot of fun. My one tip would be to carefully read the recipes and instructions when so many pieces are involved in the process. Easy to follow, but easy to get lost, don’t always assume that you know what you’re doing when cooking a new recipe. The whole point is that Recipieces takes the guessing out of the process so you don’t have to.

Head over to to check out the newest recipes and items available. Make sure to tweet @Recipieces after you try out their services to tell them what you thought! Tag @DoTheDaniel and let me know which recipe I absolutely have to try when I order next.

Photos: Recipieces Daniel Desforges taken with our #DoTheDaniel Samsung Canada GALAXY Camera 2


Daniel Desforges