Gift Ideas For That Picky Libra In Your Life

For those of you who follow me on social media, you’ll have seen that I’m just slightly excited that it’s finally #LibraSeason. With the fall weather comes some of my favourite parts of life. Cable knit sweaters, beautiful coats, new denim, leather boots, pumpkin spice everything, apple crisp, soups, cozy date nights under a blanket with wine, changing leaves, cooler nights, and so much more….

Oh, and my birthday. ?

In an effort to continue my belief that if you put it out into the universe, anything is possible, I am continuing my annual tradition of sharing my personal birthday wish list – though as the title would suggest, it can also be applied to that picky Libra in your life that you aren’t quite sure what to get as well.

First on my wish list? A new phone. I’ve talked about this almost every year, but in my opinion a new phone is such a fantastic way to freshen things up in life as a whole. I personally (and professionally) use mine so often that the best camera is always top of mind. Being on the Rogers network for years, we’ve continuously upgraded our services with the best of the best and that’s exactly the hope this year too.

For those of you who follow along with me on social media, you’ll have seen that I recently tuned into to the Made By Goodle #LaunchNightIn where they announced all the amazing new products coming to market. One of them being the newest Pixel phones, so I thought I’d tell you which items I would love to get!

Pixel 4a (5G) Price: $679 CAD – Colours: Just Black

Availability: November 19 (available now for pre-order)

“Pixel 4a (5G) brings together all of your favourite Pixel features, 5G and all while at a helpful price. Your entertainment and apps will look great on the bezel-less edge-to-edge display on the Pixel 4a (5G) comes with a 6.2-inch FHD+ OLED and a 3.5 mm headphone jack, 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage with all-day batteries that can last up to 48 hours with Extreme Battery Saver.”

I have been secretely sharing photos on my grid that Julio has been taking with his Pixel phone for over a year because they are better quality than what my phone could take. Well, no more hiding – it’s time my love for the Pixel be shouted from the rooftops!

“Get incredible photos with the brilliant Pixel camera that has new goodies and can help you shoot and edit like the pros. Pixel 4a (5G) camera has a new lens to capture stunning ultrawide shots in addition to your favourite features like Live HDR+ and dual exposure controls. They also come with new features like Night Sight in Portrait mode, Portrait Light and Cinematic Pan.”

Pixel 5 Price: $799 CAD – Colours: Just Black, Sorta Sage

Availability: October 29 (available now for pre-order)

“Pixel 5 is Google’s quintessential device – bringing you the best of 5G and the helpfulness of Google. Pixel 5 also features a bezel-less edge-to-edge display and comes with a 6.0-inch FHD+ Flexible OLED display, 128 GB of storage and 8 GB of RAM. It has wireless and reverse wireless charging with Battery Share and is also IP68 dust and water resistant. Get incredible photos with the brilliant Pixel camera that has new goodies and can help you shoot and edit like the pros. Pixel 5 camera has a new lens to capture stunning ultrawide shots in addition to your favourite features like Live HDR+ and dual exposure controls. They also come with new features like Night Sight in Portrait mode, Portrait Light and Cinematic Pan.

Pixel 5 is designed with the environment in mind; we used 100% recycled aluminum in the back housing enclosure to reduce its carbon footprint.
For more information, check out the blog here and high res images here.”

This year, I’m about all things Google when it comes to my mobile device and home needs.

Speaking of the home, over the years, you’ve seen as I have shared my love for iRobot products and how they have made my life easy. So let me reaffirm that a 30-something year old Libra like myself would love one of their very own since we love having a clean and beautiful home – iRobot® Roomba® s9+ (9550) sounds like the perfect upgrade to ensure that while you’re home, it can look and feel its best while you focus your attention and energy elsewhere.

Since we seem to be going down the route of upgrades and tech, I of course would love to get my hands on the new Fitbit Versa 3 – the latest release from my longest lasting relationship with a piece of wearable tech. Click here to check out how much I love Fitbit and have so much over the years.

“Find inspiration to just go with all-new Fitbit Versa 3™—packed with built-in GPS, Active Zone Minutes, 24/7 heart rate tracking, 6+ day battery and fast charging to keep you on track.*”

So now that I’ve got the house, my mobile device and my health upgraded with some of my favourite brands, I guess it only makes sense to talk about the kitchen too! I’ve been lucky to already get a Philips SoupMaker and their line of kitchen appliances are some of the best in the world. I am obsessed and want to fill my home with incredible dishes using them all and hope to add the entire line of home appliances to my life this year.

Did I mention I am totally down to get a new Philips Sonicare as a birthday present? Because they pretty much looks like the coolest tooth brush I’ve ever seen. Yes, I am officially excited about toothbrushes. It’s how I know I’m finally #adulting properly. ?

Let’s be honest, I wish for it every year, and I’m wishing for it either during my birthday or before the end of the year, but a full pampered experience at The St. Regis Toronto, including dinner at LOUIX LOUIS and spa treatments at the NEW Iridium Spa at The St. Regis Toronto. It is no shock I may be the hotel’s biggest fan, and I hope that I get the chance to live in the luxury it has to offer it’s guests. Make sure to check the The St. Regis Toronto website for amazing offers they are currently offering!

Now, we have to talk about what we will cheers with of course! I am so in love with the #SupportLocal mouvement that has come out of 2020. The LCBO, Wine Country Ontario and Savour Ontario (as seen above) are fantastic options to create beautiful and delicious moments. And I’ve recently discovered Break My Cake which is a playful twist on a birthday cake that I absolutely have to try for myself.

I highly recommend you consider thinking local this year for that Libra in your life – I can attest that they will appreciate the thought. Use and follow the #PairItForward and #EmbraceTheTasteOfHome hashtags of course.

And for when I’m fully satiated with food and wine, and need to unwind with Julio, it’s all about Nintendo of Canada. No shock here, there are so many new games that I want to get for my birthday. Not to mention that we’ve decided to buy my brother’s family a #NintendoSwitch for Christmas so that we can all play together while being safely apart. We are a Nintendo family so we thought it would be perfect timing to introduce my niece and nephew to it over the holidays!

With this comprehensive wish list, I can guarantee you’ll find something to make that picky Libra in your life happy for their birthday. Remember, it is about the thought that goes in to the gift as much as it is the gift itself. Remember to tag @DoTheDaniel to tell me what you chose and what their reaction was!

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Don’t forget to be kind & laugh a little more this year

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