The Perfect Girls Night Idea

When it comes to things that have had to evolve during the pandemic, ladies night with my girls (or gurls ?) is one of them. Now themed and usually via video chat with something to sip on, I’ve discovered a new dynamic duo idea that might just be the best pairing I’ve seen in a long time.

I have had such an awakening during the current #StayHome world we live in. As a small business owner myself, I’ve had to completely rethink the way I operate. The same can be said for the majority of small businesses from coast-to-coast in Canada. BUT, the silver lining in all this, is that perchance it has given us as a country the chance to really see all the amazing businesses out there and offer our support.

I recently fell in love with The Social Herbivore – Canada’s go-to source for plant-based pairings and elevated entertaining, led by Master Sommelier, Jennifer Huether, and Vegan Food Consultant & TV host, Priya Rao.[0]=68.ARCDw5BZiFvQfVZ0poCO74ebVpq_RSbplvtgjuUOl6aSrF5sqI8ZIPn9j5WEV5U951ppSQDJiNLPiNZVnpk1ztl_rzY7zH2NkYMtia8qe3UZQOh1SMWl05V0mh_NaSzbiQ7nbr33GM9ouqD3Un_iDDSOJWShiO7Z-V2GohkHjEYweexLWG6eCnWjqLDwcDX_G6cSEW4-IfmKkGyE83h9ufe9FDslfNymwazFt05iEhX71qyWzk_USTviYftFyL_FCgGEn-jEfesAr5zLuBzwNOKSQAO9OkNk5sx377WRAjJvoMNH_g07v9F3ypWWy5j78cs7E4yPzEEYnoDUb_iaUiHqzVMQa-idkro&__tn__=-R

Most recently they have launched a Local Plant-based Charcuterie Package, with Pairings of Vegan-friendly Ontario Wines. And I’m OBSESSED.

The package—available in limited quantities just in time for the Victoria Day long weekend (May 16 – 18, 2020)—offers a mix of vegan cheeses, pepperoni, pickles, nuts, and bread. Priced at $65, it includes contactless delivery within the city of Toronto.

All the fixings for a well-balanced charcuterie board, with enough to serve four to six people, may be reserved at Wine pairing suggestions are available for purchase directly through the LCBO.

• Megalomaniac, Home Grown, Rosé ($14.95)  

Huether notes:  “This is a blend of grapes and is a fresh, but fruity style of rosé. It goes well overall with The Social Herbivore charcuterie board; and it speaks ‘Spring’, as much as it does ‘Rosé, all day!’”

• Megalomaniac, Bubble Head, Traditional Method Sparkling Rosé ($34.95)

Huether notes: “I’m a sucker for great packaging, but more so, for great juice. This is a stellar, quality-made rosé sparkling that is complex, but fruity. The bubbles help clean your palate off for the next bite.”

• Cave Spring, 2017 Riesling, Dry ($15.95)  

Huether notes: “This winery helped put Riesling on the map for Ontario, and it remains a Sommelier favorite. This wine is fresh, clean and crisp, with apricot and peach notes and a long finish. Great value!”

• Flat Rock Cellars, 2018 Chardonnay ($19.95) 

Huether notes: “This is a very balanced Chardonnay, still on the fresh side, displaying lots of apple notes. Not your super-oak-y Chard, this one works well with the vegan cheeses.”

• Tawse, 2015 Growers Blend, Cabernet Franc ($28.95)  

Huether notes: “Cabernet Franc is a red grape that absolutely excels in our cooler climate. Silky and lively, with notes of red and black berries, this is not super-tania, and is drinking nicely right now. Note, it’s 5 years old—what a treat!”

• Bachelder, 2017 Wismer-Parke Vineyard, Pinot Noir ($36.00)

Huether notes: “From the Pinot Noir man himself. All of his wines are worth trying. I like this wine because it works so well with literally everything on the board, and is so elegant. Serve, after decanting, in a bigger glass for the full effect.”

The Social Herbivore last year—2019 was dubbed by The Economist as “the year of the vegan”— to meet what they recognized as growing interest in plant-based food and wine pairings, to offer qualified knowledge for creating elevated experiences. They officially launched with a sold-out vegan wine holiday-season event in November 2019.  

Visit and follow @socialherbivore on Instagram, for plant-based pairings—elevated. Because you and the girls / gurls deserve something fun. Why not switch it up a bit this time?

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