Support Local For #MothersDay

I love Mother’s Day so much – following the excitement of International Women’s Day (which I celebrate like a National holiday, because the #FutureIsFemale), it’ a time to show the moms in my life how special they are. From florals to fancy jewelry, I wanted to share a few local options for you to celebrate with me this year, even if it is from a safe distance.

While all I want is to give my mom a squeeze this weekend, I will do my best to remind her how amazing she is with thoughtful gifts that help support businesses I believe in. From sweet treats that I find online (see below) to the perfect bottle of wine, making floral arrangements with Gracie Carroll to jewelry from Toronto’s Hestia Jewels, there are many options to shop from and safely get to moms in your life. Take a look at my ideas and what I’m getting up to this weekend below via these posts!

Specifically I am inspired by Hestia Jewels, who this year amid this all wanted to give back. Not only will they be gifting a number of exceptional mothers who are making a difference in our local community, they will also be donating 20% of any purchase to ERNESTINE’S Women’s Shelter.

This Mother’s Day, let’s support businesses that are making moms around the world feel special. And look forward to a time when we can all squeeze these moms tight again!

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Don’t forget to be kind & laugh a little more this year

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