Health & Nutrition | My Ford Focus Electric #HealthyAdventure

I love adventures.  Big ones, small ones, planned ones, spontaneous ones – I’ll take ‘em all.  Sometimes you can feel like life is getting in the way of having fun, but it’s important to make time to explore.  You have to make time to discover new things about the world, but more importantly, about yourself.

I was feeling that all too familiar weight recently.  The one that comes down on you all at once even though it’s been a long time coming.  So, instead of throwing myself a pity party, I decided to plan an adventure.  One that would satiate my desire to explore but would also allow me to stay true to myself.  What I’m calling my #HealthyAdventure with Ford.

I’m a Holistic Nutritionist and with that comes certain social responsibilities.  Taking care of myself is one of them, but also a commitment to taking care of the earth is just as important.  I want my future children to enjoy the benefits of clean water, fresh air and the therapeutic benefits of nature in its truest form.  I’m a firm believer that evolution is not synonymous with destruction.

Let me introduce you to the Ford Focus Electric, the first full electric passenger vehicle offered by the Ford Motor Company.  This one of a kind driving experience allows for gas-free driving with zero CO2 emissions.  The seats are even made with 100% recycled REPREVE cloth seat fabric, made from materials like former plastic bottles.  Committed to lessening their global footprint, Ford is working hard to enforce their global sustainability strategy. 

So, here it is ladies and gentlemen. 

My #HealthyAdventure with Ford Focus Electric.


 We got up bright and early to hit the Ottawa market at the Museum of Nature.  Our mission was to gather as many fresh, local fruits and veggies as possible.  And trust me, we did just that.






Next stop was a trip to the Huron Lookout in the Gatineau Hills for a picnic using some of the goodies from the market.  Connecting with nature is what energizes me the most.  In the Ford Electric, we got to do it without leaving much of footprint behind, which makes it just that much better.




Next stop, Pink Lake!  It’s not pink… but it is pretty special.  I didn’t realize how many amazing things there are to see so close to Ottawa.  It’s a meromictic lake, meaning that there are layers of the water that never mix.  Scientists in the 1960’s discovered that from a depth of 13 meters deep and beyond, the lake actually contains no oxygen!


After some much needed outdoor exploring, we headed back home to plug in the car.  Yes… I said those words!  It charged right in our parking garage!


While this baby was charging, we decided to head out for a walk.  We discovered one of the coolest surprises Ottawa has to offer.  The Pumphouse facility provides a class 2 whitewater site within the city, as well as a moving water beginners area below, where the outflow meets the Ottawa River at Victoria Island.  If you’ve ever tried kayaking, you’ll understand how cool this really is.  We made notes for our next adventure…

Ford DoTheDaniel

After a while, my tummy was rumbling and the car had a bit more juice.  So, we decided to take it down to the Parliament buildings so I could test drive it a bit more in the empty parking lot before heading out to an amazing dinner at Rosie’s Southern Kitchen and Raw Bar.


Processed with MoldivIMG_2542

No matter how big or small your adventure is, you can always stay true to who you are and what you believe in.  I believe that making the least impact on the earth is possible.  For my health and the health of our future generations.

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In health,
Catherine Sugrue, CNP
Holistic Nutritionist

Photos: Catherine Sugrue