A New Way To Rosé All Day

Everyone knows that I am a huge fan of Rosé wine – I actually drink it all year long, but more so during the summer in the sun. While I am home planning delicious meals and ways to keep myself inspired this summer, I obviously had to tell you about an entire festival experience dedicated to my favourite type of wine – and how this year, the virtual experience is set to be positively perfect!

Taking this, like most large gatherings this year, online felt like the easiest way to ensure all of us excited for the Rosé picnic wouldn’t miss out on one of my favourite events of the year!


While I won’t be able to swoon over Mark in person – he knows I’ve always had a HUGE crush on him – I am excited to start the process of choosing my picnic experience (like you can here) and getting my outfit planned out for next weekend. The online experience will bring wine and summer lovers together in an exciting new way to ensure we stay connected and share our love for the experience. The day’s itinerary includes:


Saturday, July 11th 2020, 5pm EST

2020 Virtual Rosé Picnic Agenda

5:00pm: We go live! Welcome!

5:05pm: How to make your own flower crown with Nicholas Smith from Opening Night Flowers

5:15pm: Rosé cocktail session

5:30pm: Cooking demonstration with Chef Mark McEwan

6:00pm: #TheRoséPicnicSounds

The Virtual Rosé Picnic, like the original Picnic, is dedicated to the trendiest wine in the world – “Yes Way, Rosé!, delicious food by Celebrity Chef Mark McEwan and curated music by DJ Killa Kelz. Tune into Facebook Live at 5:00pm for an unforgettable experience. We cannot wait to rosé the night away with you! Questions? Email at [email protected]

Join in on the excitement via social media by following @therosepicnic on Instaram, Twitter and by following their FB page.

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Photos: The Rose Picnic, Daniel Reyes & All Social Media accounts listed above

Don’t forget to be kind & laugh a little more this year

Daniel Reyes

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