I Cannot Express How Badly I Need This

She is the one named Sailor Moon! Yes my friends, this blog post is a love letter to one of the most influential animation characters and series that I know outside of Pokémon and it is all because Uniqlo Canada is celebrating the first electronic book of Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, the upcoming collaboration with UT using original artwork by author Naoko Takeuchi is quite literally driving the internet (myself included) wild with anticipation!

I should mention that Sailor Moon, for those of you who don’t know, is also known as Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon and is to this day one of the most successful franchises both in Japan and around the world.

The resurgence of it into 2019 pop-culture comes at a time in fashion where collaborations and nostalgia play perfectly together. Uniqlo Canada has of course been quintessential in the release of these collections this year (you can click here to learn more about them) and this one will – without a doubt – be the most successful in my mind. I missed the boat on the Pokémon collab but this time I won’t miss the chance to get some of my favourite characters.


I think the thing I appreciate most about this collaboration is that it is in a way why I love Uniqlo Canada so much. Not only are they behind some of my staples for the office (from dress pants to blazers, which reminds me I have to get some when I visit their CF Toronto Eaton Centre location next) but also helps me relax on the weekends or when I’m off on an adventure with Julio. A store that can dress me for occasions of all kinds in my life. I like that.

So for those of you who are equally waiting with baited breath here are some photos of the collection before it launches mid-September for us all to relive and re-love all things Sailor Moon!

Allow me to say this as calmly as I can… I NEED THEM ALL. And yes, you do too! I encourage you to check out the collection for yourself and see why this and so many more fit your life just like it does mine. Join in on the excitement of social media around the launch by following @UniqloCanada on Twitter and Insta – use and follow theWearYourWorld #uniqloUT #sailormoon #UNIQLOCanada hashtags and show off how you’re rocking your favourites.

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Photos: Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, Uniqlo Canada, Daniel Reyes & All Social Media accounts listed above

Don’t forget to be kind & laugh a little more this year

Daniel Reyes

Mobile photos were taken with my Samsung Canada Galaxy S10+ on the Rogers network

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