Small changes to make a big impact

So it’s August and my head is spinning with everything we have going on. From festival season to expansions around the world, it’s important for me to remember to focus on my family and what we want. As I’m sure you’ve seen, Julio & I are currently on the hunt for a new home in Toronto. While we look at spaces around the city, I also need to make my moving to-do list. And yes, I’m already thinking about wall colours for possible nurseries! Thankfully this year we were introduced to Canadian made Premier paint Collection from Canadian Tire. Alongside the patio furniture we’ve already picked out (click here to read more!), it’s time to plan our next steps in the best way possible. 

So I should preface this by saying touring the world’s largest paint swatch by helicopter earlier this year was probably one of the coolest experiences I have been lucky enough to experience in partnership with Canadian Tire. Who wouldn’t get excited with something that awesome?!

As someone who finds inspiration in things such as paint colour, I remember some of the choices I have made in previous apartments and homes over the years. Probably to the dismay of a few landlords, I’ve painted dinning rooms bright orange, and bedrooms chocolate brown. The expression of a space in the simple change of a wall colour can literally transform a room to a space that reflects you and what you want from your home. 

As we work towards a new home, I know that finding the right paint will make each room distinctively beautiful. Choosing the right paint couldn’t be easier thanks to the premier line of paints – click here to see what I mean! 



Give an old accent fresh look with this crimson hue. #DIY #PaintWithPREMIER

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When it comes to customizing our new home, I know that trusting Canadian Tire is the best option for us. Do you agree? Join in on the social media conversation happening by following @CanadianTire on Instagram & Twitter. Show us how YOU styled your home with PREMIER paints by following and using the #paintwithPREMIER hashtag. We can’t wait to see how you transformed your house into a home with simple changes that make the biggest difference!  

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