So, Who Wants To Go To Bermuda?

I was sitting in my parent’s condo, gazing out at the water and daydreaming about travel, as I always am. But, I’m especially drawn to water. The sky was so beautiful and the clouds were a pink hue as the sun was setting.  I was enraptured by the pink clouds, which are the result of the scattering of sunlight by the atmosphere.  Looking down at my hands, they were also pink…. from the impending frostbite.  You see it was -21, before factoring in the windchill and the temperature on the 20th floor balcony (approximately -50, without a jacket, mittens and a hat). Yuck.

With pink, sun, water and escape from freezing temperatures on my mind, I searched my virtual travel bucket list. That’s it! Bermuda! Warm, beautiful sun, gorgeous beaches with crystal clear water and….PINK SAND! Lucky for me, is offering “Bermuda’s Pink Sale” with up to 50% off hotel rates for travel booked by January 23 – for trips between January 2 – April 30, or September 5 – December 31, 2018. With many gorgeous resorts on offer, there are so many choices that will introduce you to this beautiful escape.
Bermuda is not an island, actually, but an archipelago (or a sea “studded” with islands) of approximately 120 little islets, located in the Atlantic Ocean about 1030 km from the east coast of the U.S. The sand is pink due to tiny red organisms that grow beneath the coral reefs just off shore (did someone say scuba diving and snorkeling?). When they die, they mingle with pieces of coral and seashells that wash onto the beach. The sand is pinkest at the water’s edge and the sun bleaches it as the waves push it further up the beach.  
The country is 53 km sq, so it’s easy to see all of it’s beauty and allure. Rent a scooter or moped, hire a boat or take an organized sea cruise to see all or any of the little islands. Explore the sand dunes, hidden coves and quiet beaches, like Warwick Long Bay, and warm your piggies in the sand for long walks. Travel list:  pink bikini, pink flip-flops, pink wide-brimmed sun hat, pink cover-up. I hope everyone can see me against the sand, cause my skin will turn pink as well (despite sun screen, I am pf Scottish descent). What’s left? Oh yes, (my favourite) food and drink. What can be expected?
Rum. Not pink, but makes one flush after a few drinks! Bermuda has two official drinks: the Dark’n stormy and the Rum Swizzle, both made with Gosling’s Black Seal Rum. The Gosling family came to Bermuda in 1806, armed with liquid treasures from England, on their way to America. Like many travellers before and after them, they landed in Bermuda instead and stayed (I might, as well). They spent generations perfecting their three types of rum (Black Seal, Gold Rum and Old Rum) and keeping both islanders and visitors happy for centuries. A rum-tasting cruise is on  my to-do list.
Codfish and potatoes, Hoppin’ John & pawpaw casserole and fish chowder are specialities. Smokey meat rubs and Alex & Pete’s Artisan ice cream, sherry peppers and black rum cakes.  Oh my! Perhaps I had better reconsider the bikini?
For all things Bermuda, turn to Bermuda’s Official Travel Resource at  The myriad of links and resources will ensure a charming and fun-filled vacation, filled with information on arts, entertainment, shopping, natural wonders to visit and so much more.  The only thing you won’t typically see in Bermuda are the locals (called Onions) swimming.  Why, you ask? Because for Bermudians, May 24 is the first day of swimming to celebrate the end of winter. Winter? they don’t know ’bout winter!
I’m tickled pink with excitement to visit Bermuda. Now that the circulation has returned to my hands, I will visit and plan my trip to take advantage of Bermuda’s Pink Sale. It’s time to escape the cold! Brrrrr!
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