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I Was Just Talking About Romance

Having a bit of a moment as I realize that it’s essentially September, I was recently chatting with a friend about the importance of romance. Most of us have been stuck together (if lucky enough to have a partner, or whichever term you associate with your significant other) for so long that chances are the idea of romantic moments may out of mind.

That being said, as the city of Toronto slowly continues to open back up safely, some of the best experiences this city has to offer is out there waiting for you to share with someone special. And that is exactly what we are doing this weekend.

It’s by no means a shock that I love Toronto – but as someone who has lived here for almost a decade now, I have admitidly become one of those people who associates with one are of the city over another. Most Torontonians will understand what I mean. West is best vs the East Enders, North of Bloor vs Parkdalians. Everyone loves their neighbourhood most of all and it’s something that is ingrained in the culture of the city.

For Julio and I, we’ve decided to venture east this weekend to stay at The Broadview Hotel for the very first time!

Historically located at the corner of Broadview and Queen Street, the property itself is not only stunning on the exterior, but holds a tremendous amount of history within its four walls.


The Broadview Hotel was built in 1891 by wealthy serial entrepreneur Archibald Dingman. Having amassed a considerable fortune in the soap trade, Archibald was searching for a sound investment for his money. In the late 1880s, Toronto’s east end was humming. The city had just annexed what’s now known as Riverside and was marching eastward at a furious rate. Queen and Broadview sat right in its path. Archibald, wily businessman that he was, recognized a golden real estate opportunity and decided to erect an edifice in his name.”

Now I’ve attended numerous events at the hotel over the years because it has one of the most beautiful rooftop patios / restaurants in the city and 360 degree glass walls. The space is gloriously Toronto because it shows the city as far as the eye can see.

So why the broadview? Because it is a hotel that truly sees hospitality in a different light. Offering unique design, decor, food and drink that is like no other in the city. And because it’s important for Julio and I to enjoy beautiful new experiences and places together.

Eight years later, I still love to surprise him and make him laugh. So this wekeend, we will enjoy spending time in the stunning room, eating from the fabulous new offerings, and maybe go explore the east end on foot if the weather cooperates.

Did I also mention they are dog friendly? Next time, Canela is totally coming with us! I truly do believe that sometimes, something as simply as a night at a beautiful hotel with someone special can reinvigorate the body and mind. You deserve it.

To check out the stunning boutique rooms and options for your next stay or #Staycation at The Broadview Hotel, make sure to head to their website here

Make sure to follow @BroadviewHotel on Instagram and Twitter, and by ‘Liking’ their Facebook Page. Follow and use the #BroadviewHotel hashtag to share those romantic moments and memories you definitely should enjoy soon.

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Don’t forget to be kind & laugh a little more this year

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