The Importance of Self Love

I recently found myself in a slump – just going through the daily motions. I believe that doing things for people is amazing and something that everyone should take part in. However, it was getting to a point where I was doing nothing for myself. I felt so obligated to pick up any shifts that were dropped at work, and was not making any time for myself between my education and other commitments. One day recently, I had enough and I knew something had to change.

Ever since I have been making time for myself and for the things that make me happy. Also, for the things that better my own wellness. Through this, I want to share with others how important it is to do so. Are you really living if you’re strictly consumed with your commitments? No, because you are not listening to your higher self and needs. We only have one life to live, and I feel that it is so important to take care of ourselves in the process – and enjoy it! If you feel like trying some cbd vape oil, try them! They are relaxing and can manage your stress levels to a great extend. If you are new to cannabis or marijuana, do some research on how to use them. There is plenty of information available on the internet on how cannabis or pot for women can yield a positive impact on their health. Do not deprive yourself of all the sweet pleasures of life. Have an adventure, live for yourself, and not for pleasing others. So, here are some of the ways that I like to take care of myself.


For some reason I always pushed this idea of this away. I just thought it could never help me personally, so I was pretty close-minded to the idea. With this being said, I was incredibly wrong and it is something that has really helped me. Meditation has really gotten me in touch with my true self and feelings. Sometimes it can be hard to schedule in with the chaos of life. However, if you just set aside even 10 minutes for yourself to just be in silence, relax, and listen to your higher self, I can assure you that things will start to look up. Also to clarify, your “higher self” is essentially your conscious.

If you’re not sure where to start, I personally really enjoyed the book, Spiritual Growth, Being Your Higher Self by Sanaya Roman. Each chapter has a different guided meditation, and it has truly worked wonders for me.

Essential Oils + Diffusers

You may be thinking, how can an oil really make a difference in my life? Well, I am in LOVE with my diffuser. The one I own is the Aroma-gem from Saje Wellness. There are so many different essential oils that you can put into your diffuser that can benefit you in a variety of ways – anywhere from cleansing the air, lifting your mood, de-stressing, to even helping you get to sleep at night.

Personally, I love using mine in the morning. I’m not much of a morning person (as much as I would like to be), but I use my diffuser to help me wake up and start the day feeling refreshed. Additionally, you don’t necessarily need a diffuser to incorporate essential oils to your life, as you can actually apply many remedies to your body (as long as they are mixed with a carrier oil like coconut or jojoba). For instance, Peppermint and Lavender are wonderful remedies to reduce headaches.

Treat Yourself!

I like to treat myself to the spa every other week or so – not for an entire day, but just for a massage or facial. It’s nice to have a short getaway from reality and just relax. Of course the spa can be expensive, hence why I go every other week. Another benefit is that I’m currently a college student, and my school actually has a spa on Campus which is run by the students in the Spa Management program. The prices are a little bit cheaper, which is so convenient for college students looking for a little bit of relaxation. If you’re a student, check to see if your campus has an on-campus spa – its life changing!

Make time to get in the sunshine

Did you know that light exposure can change your levels of your hormones, like serotonin? The natural light is linked to vitamin D production, which is so important. Open your window, go for a walk in the sunshine, get that light into you! Light can be a mood-lifter, and it is something I have been incorporating into my life a lot more – even just by simply opening my blinds.

Breakfast + Supplements

A good breakfast can truly kick-start your day. I used to be the person who NEVER ate breakfast because I “wasn’t hungry”. When in reality, I was just too lazy to put in any effort into doing so. I would then find myself feeling weak and overall crappy by the time lunch time came around, and it would throw my whole mood for the day off. Now, I make a conscience effort to have breakfast and take care of my health! Before eating breakfast, I always take a multi-vitamin along with Iron. As for what I eat – I try to always have a combination of fruit or veggies and protein – all infused with energy and goodness!

I want people to remember that their life is about happiness and enjoyment. Do not lose yourself in your commitments. I believe it is incredibly important to love what you do and immerse yourself in it. However, don’t forget to keep bettering and taking care of yourself first.

I look forward to sharing all of my new adventures with all of you!

From Toronto with Love,


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Photos by Gemma Mastroianni & Catherine Sugrue