The most Canadian thing I have ever seen to kick off #Canada150

Like many of you, when I stop to think of Canada, I smile. We are one of the best countries on the planet with a reputation that allows us to be loved far and wide. Earlier this month, I came across what might be the most Canadian thing I have ever seen.  The team at CIBC set up a ski-thru ATM in one of our most beautiful destinations. Yes. You read that correctly. A ski-thru ATM – and I cannot stop searching through photos online of this now social media phenomena! Not to mention some pretty incredible #Canada150 events coming down the pipeline from coast-to-coast, this iconic Canadian financial institution is ready to help Canadians celebrate our best year yet! 

World Champion & Olympic Gold Medalist Ashley McIvor experiences banking at her ski tips with CIBC’s new ski-thru ATM at the top of Whistler Mountain at Whistler Blackcomb Ski Resort. (CNW Group/CIBC)

“The new stand-alone ATM allows skiers easy access to cash for things like making purchases at certain cash-only vendors before journeying back down the slopes, and offers the same range of banking services available at all CIBC ATMs. To reach clients at the peak, the ATM made a momentous trek up the mountainside to the summit of Whistler Mountain.” – Can you even imagine what a mission that must have been?! I am so impressed by the excitement to share in special moments tailored to help Canadians and Canada lovers alike. Not to mention that to further amp up the visitor experience, CIBC is also offering whistles, tissues and hand warmers as part of Whistler Blackcomb’s free mountain orientation tours. Visitors will also experience unique CIBC activations on CIBC National Ski Day, Family Day and Canada Day to help celebrate Canada and CIBC’s shared 150th birthday in 2017.



I think what I appreciate most about initiatives like this is the fact that CIBC is looking to serve Canadians in ways that fit their daily lives in 2017. Not to mention that as a Samsung mobile device user, they are also looking out for me when it comes to safe and convenient ways to pay! 

I cannot wait to celebrate with Canadians from all walks of live at the #Canada150 celebrations kick off. “Are you interested in the evolution of CIBC? To commemorate our 150th anniversary, you are invited to download the CIBC150 App (on Google Play and The App Store on iTunes) and discover new stories every week from our collective history.”

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Photos: All social media accounts listed above, CIBC & Daniel Reyes


Daniel Reyes

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Mobile photos taken with my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge