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Friday before a long weekend, and all I can think about it what I’m NOT going to do as September starts. I am not going to stress out. I am not going to run around when I don’t have to. And I’m not going to fuss over food. Why? Because I’ll be stopping by Uncle Smoke Cookhouse for some delicious BBQ and accouterments. Toronto foodies, you need to try for yourself and I’m taking a minute to tell you why! 

You’ll have seen that Julio & I took some time to taste some of the delicious menu items recently, and fell in love with the concept. Delicious food done well, with a home cooked feel. I love the trend in the Toronto food scene that sees us returning to simple dishes executed really well. 

“Uncle Smoke Cookhouse serves comfort food, barbecue meats, and sides. Our food is made from scratch only using high quality, local ingredients.  We believe eating is an important shared experience, whether you’re dining at our Dundas West restaurant in Toronto or having food delivered to your home or office. For your next event, big or small, Uncle Smoke wants to be there to satisfy your comfort food and barbecue cravings.”

Click here to check out the menu. Give it a shot this weekend if you’re hosting that bittersweet end of summer get together, and make sure to join in on the social media conversation by following @UncleSmokeCooks on Twitter, @unclesmokebbq & ‘Like’ their Facebook page. Let us know what YOU think by using and following the #UncleSmokeCooks hashtag. Can’t wait to hear which item is your favourite! 

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Photos: All social media accounts listed above, Uncle Smoke Cookhouse & Daniel Reyes 


Daniel Reyes

Mobile photos will be taken with my NEW Huawei P10 Plus