Toronto’s Hottest New Experience

Now that we live in Ottawa and own a car, I find myself planning our upcoming trips to Toronto with so much precision that I’m thinking about each meal. There is so much buzz happening around the city that it’s hard not to! Having witnessed the grand opening of Toronto’s hottest new restaurant from afar, I can say with absolute certainty that it is a part of our upcoming trip to the city for an extended long weekend. We are so excited that I simply had to take the time to tell you about it so you can enjoy it ASAP too!

Watching the opening of Superfresh was like no other event I have witnessed before. A gathering of like minded people to showcase an immersive experience, driven by cultural celebration and the inherent understanding of community building. With masterminds such as Trevor Lui and Evelyn Chick behind this newest icon in the city, I had no doubt in my mind that I needed to eat, drink and shop at this new addition to the Annex.

“Located at 384 Bloor Street West (former Annex Food Hall), Superfresh showcases Asian-led and owned businesses across the city combining food, drinks, live entertainment, a bodega and other planned secret events under one roof—making it the ultimate experience, no matter what time of day you decide to stop by.”

Superfresh brings together vendors and brands highlighting different geographical regions of
Asia, from Northern China and Indonesia to Taiwan and Korea. The full vendor line-up is listed

● Auntie’s Supply – Asian Bodega, snacks, condiments
● GoodGoods – Mochins (Mochi Muffins), Tea-Misu, Basque Cheesecake
● Baobird – Taiwanese Fried Chicken, Baos and Sides
● Katsupan – Japanese Sandos, Shokupan (Milk Bread)
● JaJan – Indonesian Street Eats, Rendang, Goreng, Skewers
● Big Beef Bowl – Lanzhou Hand Pulled Noodles, Cold Dishes, Dumplings
● Ssam Cha – Korean Bar Anju (classic Korean bar snacks)

And of course, we can’t talk about Superfresh without mentioning the cocktail and food menus. If I had to be honest, I’ll probably have to make several trips to the space and experience before I can report back on which items are my favourite but to get you hungry and / or thirsty, here’s what we’re looking at!

One thing is for sure, heritage and community will always be at the forefront.

Both community and purpose driven, Superfresh took it an extra step beyond food and entertainment by bringing together Asian women across the city for support services in public relations (Elaine Quan, EQPR), bar & beverage design (Evelyn Chick), creative direction (Stephanie Lui Valentim, Quell), web and brand design (Bianca Chamberlain, TRV Studio Creative) and light design (Nicole Cheng, Karen Lam, FuseNeon).”

With so many reasons to visit, I encourage you all to get out and try the Superfresh experience – one like no other in the hear of downtown Toronto and with so much to offer the community it was build from.

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