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If you’re like me, you’re coming to realize that Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Haven’t picked up a gift for that someone special in your life? No need to worry. We’ve got a little bit of time and a lot of options thanks to my friends at The Chic Canuck. Come & check out the few items I’ve got my eye on for the season and why you should be turning here as your first choice for online shopping and Canadian brands.

“The Chic Canuck is a celebration of Canadian business, entrepreneurs, design, travel, and everything in between. Our curated selection is brought to you on a daily basis with tender love and care from our team of tastemakers who stem from working in the fashion and lifestyle industries in Canada, the U.S. and Europe. We want to share some of the best and most exciting brands and businesses to discover from coast-to-coast. Think of us as a trusty guide that you can rely on to tell you about what’s really good; whether you’re looking for a unique gift for a friend, or a really great place to eat.”

When it comes to the options available to you online, sometimes it can all get a little daunting. The Chic Canuck’s curated list of some of the country’s best takes the hard work out of looking for that special gift or unique item that would be perfect as a gift or for your home. I’m completely obsessed and know you will be too!

So.. what do I have my eye on for my special someone?


The Cambie Design Black And White Blanket is a perfect addition to the home. To me, Valentine’s Day is about beautiful moments, one-of-a-kind experiences and coming home to nestle up together. This blanket is not only beautiful but I can see Julio wearing it out to Fashion occasions. Two birds with one stone!


What says Valentine’s Day or savvy home decor (in moderation of course) more than the colour red? The J & J MADE Vintage Red HBC Pillow is a great accent to pop some colour into your life and to encourage a cuddly night-in with the one you love. Can you see there’s a physical intimacy theme coming through? If it’s going to happen, you might as well make it chic. And let’s be honest, nothing says Canadiana more than Hudson’s Bay Company.


If you’re like me, scents are a big deal. Both professionally, but also personally. This Valentine’s Day, why not fire things up for your loved one with The Evoke Fire Perfume? Evoke offer 100% pure botanical perfume thats cruelty free and vegan, made in Canada. Taking this natural scent into your home is sure to spice things up in all the right ways – after all, this guide on how to release pheromones naturally says to keep scents as natural as possible for maximum impact.


For the vintage lover in your life, The Vintage Martini Shaker with Canadian Geese Detail is a beautiful gift that can also go to good use this Valentine’s Day. I know that in our home, we love to collect beautiful pieces that we can use time and time again. Be it cookware, or this stunning martini shaker, adding to your kitchen / bar is something fun that should be a shared experience. For the cocktail aficionado out there, this is simply a must!


Lastly on my top five The Chic Canuck must haves for Valentine’s Day is a little bling. Who doesn’t love jewellery on a special occasion? One of my friends was bought a ring from Jacobs The Jeweller and she loves it. It’s so beautiful and it means so much to her because it was from her boyfriend. If you are looking to woo your loved one with something special, I would go in no other direction than with The Nelle Han Rose Stem Bandle in Rosegold. This unique piece of jewellery will show them you care with it’s edgy design and striking rose colour. Apropos for a day when Red & Pink will be rampant, it is sure to get you a kiss or two (or more) in return.

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Photos: The Chic Canuck


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