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Travel & Lifestyle | What does it mean to #LiveYourPassion?

For those of you who follow along in our day-to-day adventures, you’ll have seen that we recently attended a fitness class with our friends at Genuine Health. While working on my fitness, I also learnt a lot about what it means to be healthy and find balance in my life. In a world where it’s so easy to get lost in everything we have going on, I have made a promise to myself to focus on being a healthier me. Along with some products I’ve picked up from Genuine Health, the next few months are going to be about finding my passion again. So, what does it mean to #LiveYourPassion? 

Sometimes I think we allow ourselves to get overwhelmed by the “Health Industry” because, let’s be honest, nutrition and health have never been more complicated. It’s one of the reasons that I’ve teamed up with Genuine Health to make simple additions to my life while working towards a healthier me such as greens+ Extra Energy , greens+ & fermented vegan proteins+

I think one of the biggest game changers to my daily routine is greens+ Extra Energy (available in orange and cappuccino flavours) – it provides me with unprecedented energy first thing in the morning when I need it most. So much so, that I find I am actually drinking less coffee which, for those of you know me, is a miracle!

“Nourish your body and stay energized all day without crashing with greens+ Extra Energy. The original greens+ formula, which has been clinically proven to increase energy at the intracellular level, is amplified with the addition of natural, energy – boosting ingredients. A combination of herbs, plants, vitamins, amino acids and minerals provide clean, natural energy without the consequences, for all-day 100% energy with 0% crash.”

For more information on the science & expertise behind each product, make sure to click on the images below. I’m no doctor, but I know what works in my life. And these delicious additions to morning smoothies, post work-out shakes and even an ice coffee in the afternoon when I need it have helped me to feel rejuvenated & refreshed!


greens+ Extra Energy - Natural Orange


greens+ Extra Energy - Cappuccino

After trying the two flavours post workout at Studio Lagree, it was clear to me that small changes can make a big impact. I dare you to not feel the same way after trying greens+ Extra Energy for the first time. Recommended by Catherine, endorsed by her colleague in the Holistic Nutrition industry Joy McCarthy &  even doctor recommended by Dr. Jason Marr, Naturopathic Doctor. Not to mention, my good friend Gracie Carroll of who enjoyed a great workout with me and sipping on these delicious flavours!


So fresh & so clean clean ??

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A helpful tool provided to me by our friends at Genuine Health about what time of day to find regularity and take your daily dose of 1 scoop of greens+ Extra Energy can be seen below.

I would personally recommend trying it first thing in the morning by adding it into your green smoothie, but test it out and see what feels right. The best lesson I learnt from my recent reintroduction is to listen to your body.

Genuine Health Infographic #LiveYourPassion

For more information on energy+ Extra Energy and the full line of products available to make your life better while you #LiveYourPassion, make sure to check out the Genuine Health website at Use the online store locator to find a local retail location for your health needs.

For more inspiration, follow @GenuineHealth on Instagram & Twitter, and ‘Like’ their Facebook page. Use the #GenuineHealth and #LiveYourPassion hashtag to tell us your story and share your journey with us. I’d love to hear what Genuine Health products you use that have changed your life for the better. 

For more behind the scenes of this and other amazing brands we are working with around the world, make sure to follow along with the #DoTheDaniel Instagram account. We would love to have you come along on our daily adventures with us!

Photos: Genuine Health & Daniel Reyes 


Daniel Reyes

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