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At thirty five years old in the heart of the summer, I find myself googling costume ideas. No, not for October 31st. But for August 22-25th in the heart of Toronto. Why you ask? Well it’s one of my favourite times of year again – it’s FAN EXPO Canada. From Pokémon to Nintendo, cosplay to fan art, we’re in for one of the best #FANEXPOcanada years yet and I’m here to tell you why.

Taking place the weekend of August 22-25 at Metro Toronto Convention Centre in downtown Toronto, the only comparison I can offer is that this is our Comicon. Fans from across the country and the province gather together to immerse themselves in three days of fandom to a degree I don’t often see. AND IT’S AMAZING.

I remember the first time I ever dressed up for something like this. It was both a bit scary but exhilarating because I was joining in on a community that loves these stories, characters and brands so much. I loved it so much that I wonder what character I’ll be interpreting next. Deadpool is pretty hard to top and that outfit was the most revealing…

“FAN EXPO Canada is the largest fan convention in Canada, celebrating all things comics, gaming, movies, and pop culture. Now in its 25th year, the weekend-long event boasts celebrity appearances, mind-blowing costumes, a one-of-a-kind shopping experience, and a newly expanded Family Zone. For a small sample of the activities throughout the weekend, see the website 
here. “

From celebrity appearances, to voice actors (OMG OPTIMUS PRIME’s Peter Cullen is coming!!!!), there is something for fans of all ages and intensities. That is honestly my favourite part of FAN EXPO Canada. The inclusivity of it all in a world that seems to be dividing itself more and more… So for a weekend, it’s fun to just be a part of something entertaining, grab as much swag as you can afford, and geek out over something you love.

Make sure to of course follow along and share your favourite moments, costumes, products, fans and so much more! Follow @officialfxc on Instagram, @FANEXPOCANADA on Twitter and ‘Like’ their Facebook page. Use and follow the #FANEXPOCanada, #FXC19 & #CelebrateFandom hashtags. I can’t wait to come along with you on your weekend and share mine with you!

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Daniel Reyes

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