Food & Wine | Cheese Boutique partners with Samuel Adams to present The League of Extraordinary Chefs

Back in Canada and ready for a busy summer with Catherine & Amanda, I am rejuvenated and ready to take on what 2015 holds for us all. Toronto has always been known for its food culture and ability to create experiences like no other. It’s one of the many reasons why I am SO excited to tell you about the recent partnership of Cheese Boutique & Samuel Adams in the creation of The League of Extraordinary Chefs. Five unique dinners with some of the best chefs in Toronto are coming and you are not going to want to miss them!

“Cheese Boutique in partnership with Samuel Adams presents 5 uniquely themed dinners, 5 diversified menus and venues, and many talented chefs! This is our vision of a dream tour conjured to celebrate a chef’s creativity for appreciative gourmands.”


1. MYSTERY DINNER / June 24 / 7 pm

Booking: email @ events or call 416-762-6292
Mystery Island Picnic
$95 *plus taxes
Host Chef: Jonathan Goodyear – RCYC
Jason Bangerter – Langdon Hall
Afrim Pristine – Cheese Boutique

2. LANGDON HALL / July 17 / 6 pm

Booking: email @ events or call 416-762-6292
Backyard BBQ
$75 *plus taxes and gratuities
Host Chef: Jason Bangerter – Langdon Hall
Jonathan Goodyear – RCYC
Victor Barry – Splendido
Cory Vitiello – The Harbord Room
Afrim Pristine – Cheese Boutique

3. PIZZERIA LIBRETTO / August 5 / 7:30 pm

550 Danforth Avenue, Toronto, Ontario
Booking: email @ Hilary or call 416-531-0955
Pizza Showdown
$60 *plus taxes and gratuities
Host Chef: Rocco Agostino – Pizzeria Libretto
Craig Harding – Campagnolo
Matty Matheson – Parts and Labour
Kris Schlotzhauer – Enoteca Sociale
Afrim Pristine – Cheese Boutique

4. RUBY WATCHCO. / September 30 / 7 pm

730 Queen St. East, Toronto, Ontario
Booking: 416-465-0100 or
Family Favourites
$100 *plus taxes and gratuities
Host Chef: Lora Kirk – Ruby Watchco.
Donna Dooher – Mildred’s Kitchen
Lynn Crawford – Ruby Watchco.
Afrim Pristine – Cheese Boutique

5. Cheese Boutique / October 28 / 7:30 pm

45 Ripley Avenue, Toronto, Ontario
Booking: email @ events or call 416-762-6292
Hall of Fame
$135 *plus taxes
Host Chef: Afrim Pristine – Cheese Boutique
John Higgins – GBC – The Chef’s House
Keith Froggett – Scaramouche
Jonathan Gushue – The Berlin
Anthony Walsh – Oliver Bonacini
Nadège Nourian – Nadège Patisserie
Marc Thuet – Thuet Bakery
Mark McEwan – McEwan Group
Massimo Capra – Mistura

The list of restaurants and chefs has got me SO excited to attend these five distinct dinners and taste the incredible dishes in an all out foodie battle royale! Make sure to check out the respective booking information above and get your tickets today because they will FOR SURE sell out.

To stay up to date with series of dinners and the delicious food & beer they will be serving, make sure to follow @Cheese_Boutique & @SamuelAdamsCA on Twitter.  Use the #SamInHand hashtag to join in on the social media conversation. We can’t wait to see you all and what you share during your The League of Extraordinary Chefs experience!

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Photos: Cheese Boutique & Samuel Adams

Please remember to enjoy responsibly and never drink and drive


Daniel Desforges