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By now, it comes as no shock to any of you when I talk about coffee. It’s an integral part of my everyday life and I think I may be a monster in the morning without my first cup. That being said, there are pros and cons to this elixir of the gods. Catherine has chimed in with her professional opinion and I’ve even cut down my daily intake drastically from the frivolous amounts I used to consume because of her recommendations. When I was approached by the inspiring team behind Java Elixir, I was amazed at what this company has produced and how it can drastically improve my coffee intake in regards to it’s health benefits. Come & take a look why this simple product can make the biggest difference in your life!

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The two handsome above, Chris Tester & Chris Kim, are the brains behind this new brand I have fallen in love with. They are currently in the process of running a Indiegogo Campaign to raise the funds they need to launch the brand. That being said, I have no doubt in my mind that once they have raised the sufficient funds needed (PLEASE click here to donate today!) that their products will revolutionize the way you think about coffee.

With three respective products brewing for us all (cheesy pun, but it works), I am genuinely excited to try them all. The fact remains, like the Java Elixir duo says, that the addition of their products to your daily routine could help to increase your vitamin and supplement intake. AND it still tastes like coffee? Sign me up boys.

3 Bottles (Re-edited)

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“We know that you do not have the time or inclination to put up with needless filler, with flash over substance and outlandish promises. And so our pledge to you is one of integrity. Our focus is on high quality, natural products crafted exclusively from high quality, natural ingredients. We do not create or market anything that we do not fully believe in or would not use ourselves. And so with that in mind, we hope you will join us as we set out to change the way the world consumes coffee.”

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By pre-purchasing your favourite products you are playing an integral role in the creation of a brand and business. I know that I’m excited to try out this simple addition to my daily routine which will make being healthy so much easier and you will be too.

Make sure to donate to their campaign and follow along as they grow to become a part of your life. @JavaElixir on Twitter & Instagram are both great accounts to inspire you as this great brand prepares themselves for the exciting next steps in their development!


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  1. Awesome article man! I want to get this, I can’t wait til this thing hits the market.

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