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Health & Nutrition | Clif Mojo Bars | #MeetTheMoment

Review by Catherine’s Cabinet

I think I realized I was in the right profession when I would get more excited when talking about food than about fashion, art or whatever was going on in that TV show everyone except me seems to be watching.  My eyes light up when I get to read ingredient lists or recipes, not when I flip through a magazine that talks about the lives of people I will never ever know.

Another passion of mine is adventure.  Whether big or small, using your imagination and awakening your senses to explore and push yourself outside of your comfort zone can make you feel so alive.  You’d be surprised at the wonders you can discover about the world around you but more importantly, what you can discover within yourself.


I have fond memories of trekking up mountains in New Zealand with my pockets stuffed full of trail mix and fruit.  I would stop, reach into my pockets and shove handfuls in my mouth, hammering onwards and upwards (let’s be honest, I also used it as an excuse to stop and take a breath… mountains are freakin’ hard to climb).  Packing and planning for these kinds of things, especially if you’re going for days on end isn’t an easy task in and of itself!

I recently discovered something that would have made the logistics of my previous adventures a heck of a lot easier, but will now most certainly be a part of my future ones.  I’m sure by now you have all heard of Clif Bars & Company.  They make great, compact, healthy protein-packed bars perfect for an active person on the go – one who also doesn’t want to load their body with crap in order to replenish or build their nutrient stores.  Well, they’ve just stepped it up a notch by introducing Clif Mojo Trail Mix Bars to their ever growing repertoire of goodies!


Made with at least 70% organic ingredients such as nuts, fruits and dark chocolate, Clif Mojo Bars are gluten-free, a great source of fibre and they taste really good!  They’re free of trans fats, contain no partially-hydrogenated oils, high fructose corn syrup, artificial flavours or synthetic preservatives.  Throw it in your bag, purse, climbing pack, pocket or wherever it fits!  They contain a good amount of carbs, protein, fats, sodium and glucose to help with whatever fitness activity you’re enjoying.

“As a growing number of Canadians are considering foods made with organic ingredients a healthy and more nutritious choice, CLIF MOJO Fruit & Nut and CLIF MOJO Dark Chocolate provide a tasty and wholesome snack bar that’s good for you and the planet,” said Kevin Cleary, chief executive officer of Clif Bar & Company. “Our athletes and foodies joined forces in the CLIF Kitchen to make a better snack by carefully selecting and combining high-quality organic ingredients that taste great and are nutritious.”


You don’t need to climb mountains in New Zealand to call it an “adventure”.  No matter what you decide to do, just get out there and explore this incredible world in some way.  Follow your bliss, make that moment and go meet it!  Show Clif how you Meet the Moment by tagging your adventures #MeetTheMoment.  Every time you do, they’ll donate $1 to environmental non-profits helping to protect the places where we all love to play.  


Clif Bar & Company is a leading maker of nutritious and organic foods and drinks in North America, including CLIF® Bar energy bar, LUNA®, Whole Nutrition Bar for Women®; CLIF Builder’s® protein bar and CLIF CRUNCH®.  Focused on sports nutrition and snacks for adventure, the family and employee-owned company is committed to sustaining its people, brands, business, community and the planet.  

Follow them on Twitter @clifbar and Instagram @clifbarcompany with #MojoGo.

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Photos: Catherine Sugrue & Clif Bar & Company

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