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Review by Catherine’s Cabinet

I’d like to think that I have a positive influence on the lives of those around me. But, when Daniel told me that he was on the market for a cold press juicer, I just laughed out loud. He then said to me, “Listen, I almost got a deep fryer instead but I thought this was the better choice”. Well, you know what? As funny as it is for me to think about Daniel and Julio trying to work a juicer, I’m actually quite proud of them.

But next came the infamous phone call from Daniel. Yeah, they don’t know how it works or what in the world to juice. “Can I juice raspberries?”… Oh my word. Yes, you can juice berries. Yes, you can juice MANY things but you’ll need A LOT of those things to make an actual juice. So off to the store we went, picking up large bunches of fruits and veggies because that’s what I’m used to when working with a standard juicer.

Little did I know that this isn’t like any juicer I’ve ever used before. The Moulinex Infinity Press Revolution Slow Juicer makes the life of a home-juicer so much easier! The first thing I noticed was the sound, or lack thereof really. It was SO quiet! I’m used to the agonizing and horrific sounds of vegetable slaughter (muuuuuuhhaaahaaahaahaa).


The Infinity Press Revolution increases health benefits by preserving 30% more vitamins and 75% more antioxidants than the standard home juicer. There are no actual blades either! Their technology presses (or crushes) the contents slowly without creating heat in order to preserve the nutrient properties. This also means that 35% more juice gets extracted. So all of this grocery store drama of me schooling the boys on needing to buy ALL of the vegetables and fruits wasn’t really necessary at all, was it? (but it was still kinda fun)

What better way to ring in the addition of a new juicer to the family than to come up with our very own signature juice! Instead of thinking up some clever name, I’ve decided to stick with an already great one. After hours of juicing everything in sight, I created a simple, healthy, easy to create, nutrient-packed, DELICIOUS blend.


The “Do The Daniel” Juice

2 LG unpeeled carrots

2 unpeeled apples

1/2 lemon (with the skin on)

1/4 bunch flat leaf parsley

1/4 fennel

Ever had fennel before? It’s soooo good for your digestion! Also, the Vitamin C found in the bulb has antimicrobial properties which supports the immune system. Parsley is great for your digestive system too as it can help to relieve an upset stomach. It’s high in phytonutrients and can chelate to heavy metals in the body, removing them from the bloodstream – specifically Mercury. Therefore, this herb is a great addition to a meal with fish.

Lemon is the shiiiiiizzz. For real. If you don’t add it to your water daily than you’re just being silly. It’s great at alkalizing the body and also contains Vitamin C, which like I mentioned before, is vital to the function of your immune system and also to your respiratory health. Lemons and limes contain unique flavonoid compounds that act as antioxidants and can have an antibiotic effect, protecting the body against specific bacterial infections.

Apples, while being one of my favourite snacks, contain lots of fibre! Fibre makes your POOOOO happy. Yep, it’s the best thing for regulating and maintaining your bowel health. Apples are also good for your heart. That’s where the saying “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” comes from. One of the most prominent flavonoids found in apples is Quercetin which has been known to have fantastic anti-inflammatory effects.

And last but not least, carrots! We’ve all heard that carrots are good for your eyes. Well, they’re also great for your skin, working from the inside out. This is as a result of their high content of Vitamin A carotenoids, including alpha- and beta-carotene which get converted in their active form of Vitamin A in the body. They’re high in nutrients and low in calories. BONUS.


(I had to include this photo to show you how messy I am in the kitchen… DISASTER ZONE)


Here’s another great combo for something fresh and that’s a great base to smoothies, cocktails or to be enjoyed on it’s own:

1/4 Watermelon

1/2 Cantaloupe


Obviously, packing a ton of nutrients into a glass and getting it down while they’re still fresh and chock-full of enzymes is brilliant. If you can’t make it out to a fantastic place like The Good Press, why not do it at home with Moulinex? OR BOTH! Make sure to save the pulp so you can freeze it, add it to soups, sauces or stews, or simply dehydrate it and sprinkle it on your cereals. If you can get creative with your health, you’ll be more likely to succeed!

Oh but I’m not done here yet, folks! Moulinex is hosting the Get Cooking Challenge, which is an opportunity for Canadians to put down that take-out menu while eliminating food waste! By signing up for the challenge on, Canadians can save more than $400 a month by using the tools provided. Launching on September 15th and continuing until October 13th, this contest has been designed by a Registered Dietician for optimal healthy eating. Participants will receive a weekly grocery list and meal plan in order to make grocery shopping easy and inexpensive. Also, there will also be weekly opportunities for participants to win Moulinex appliances!

Sign up today for your chance to win. Who knows, maybe you can make your own “Do The Daniel” juice!

Photos: Moulinex & Catherine Sugrue (Photos taken with our incredible camera, the Samsung GALAXY Camera 2)