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Review by Catherine’s Cabinet 

I love to ask people all about their favourite guilty pleasure foods.  I do this because a) I’m a foodie; b) food is a huge turn on for me and c) I want to find healthy alternative foods that can match that naughty guilt sensation.  Let’s be honest, being bad can feel so good.  Well, with food there is a fine line on how “bad” we should really be.  What we eat and how we treat ourselves dictates how well our body actually functions.

Speaking of guilty pleasure foods, do you like chips?  YEAH, me too.  They’re like a miniature vessel to transport other foods of awesome proportions into my mouth.  Who needs cutlery when we can use CHIPS instead?!  Wait, am I the only one who dreams of the day we can replace all forks with chips?  Bad Nutritionist!   Most of the time they’re fried, greasy, trans-fat hunks o’ junk that leave you feeling bloated and gross.  What if they can be healthy but still delicious and satisfying?  Well, Way Better Snacks are doing just that with their new Tortilla Chips!


Have you ever heard of sprouting (or germination)?  No, it’s not a new thing, and noooo it’s not done only under the second moonlight of the sungooddess.  It’s been going on for a while, but the fact that it’s becoming a more commonly used term is fantastic!  Sprouting is the reason why I soak my nuts for hours before I use them (mind out of the gutter please).  Why do we “sprout”?  In a nutshell, basically we’re bringing it back to life so that enzymes are activated and then it’s more bioavailable for absorption and use in our bodies (night of the living zombie seeds, grains and beans?).

“Sprouting delivers many benefits including: increased vitamins and minerals; increased antioxidants; increased digestibility; and increased nutrition absorption. In fact, each serving is loaded with 190 – 400 mgs of Omega-3s!”   There are tons of benefits to sprouting, but I won’t list them all.  Click here for a comprehensive list and more information, or watch this video!


Way Better Snacks is the first of its kind to use sprouted ingredients such as flaxseed, quinoa, daikon radish seeds, chia seeds, black beans and even broccoli seeds!  They’re unprocessed and unrefined, throwing a whole new spin on the idea of “junk” food!  Way Better Snacks has partnered with BioEssential Botanicals, one of the world’s leading experts in the area of germination, to obtain all of their top notch ingredients.

Someday I’ll go into the whole story of why I became a Nutritionist but in the meantime, I’d like to introduce you to one of my friends and biggest inspirations, Jessica Cox.  Once you learn a bit more about her, you’ll understand a huge part of why I’m in this profession.  Instead of using one of my own recipes as a fab accompaniment to these tasty new chips, I’d like to share one of hers with you.  It’s delicious, easy to make and can be used in so many different and creative ways… oh, and it’s super healthy too! Bonus.  

Jessica Cox’s Silverbeet Dill Pesto 


Click here for the full recipe and a lot more (get ready to waste hours of your life on her stunning food photography).

So, you wanna know what else is great about these tiny nutrient dense Way Better snacks?  They’re Certified Gluten-Free, Certified 100% Whole Grain, Vegan, Non-GMO and Kosher!  They’re also low in sodium and high in fiber (your poop will be happy).  Nothing about them is artificial and there are no preservatives.  Am I missing anything here?  They’re REAL FOOD my friends.

Next time you’re looking to be naughty, reach for something a little nicer to your body.  There’s nothing wrong with maintaining that sensation of being “bad” without cramming a ton of garbage into your face at the same time.  I’m just hoping that they come out with a line of utensils next.   You’re welcome in advance for the brilliant idea.  Make the royalty cheques out in my name please.

Photos: Jessica Cox & Way Better Snacks