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I need to ask you a question: What is important to you when it comes to your health? For me, it’s all about balance. I know that can be such a loaded word, because as peaceful and zen as it sounds – it can actually be quite chaotic to achieve. So, when you finally find something that makes the goal of balance within your health a lot easier to acquire, you gravitate towards it wholeheartedly.

That’s why I love Whole Life Balance. While I was in school studying to become a Certified Holistic Nutritionist, I met some pretty incredible people. One of them, Shane Griffin, quickly became a source of inspiration for me. He is a former prominent nightclub owner in Toronto and also a former addict. He checked himself into rehab in Malibu and then, while still in treatment, he enrolled in school to become a Nutritionist. And that is when we met. At a pivotal time in his healing process and also in his new found career.

He was frustrated that his clients were spending too much time searching out various practitioners, studios, and services to continue their healing and with a lack of correlation between them. So, Shane decided to open the first Whole Life Balance w/ dripivtherapy storefront servicing all walks of people looking to improve their daily life complete with Medical, Nutritional, Studio and Therapeutic Divisions.

“We have invested countless hours on drug pathology and have developed protocols specific to the client’s needs.” This has led to a fast expansion of Whole Life Balance with offices in California and Toronto – and more locations to come in the near future. “We quickly have expanded our client list to not only traditional addictions but also those with a lifestyle that requires that specialized attention.”

Whole Life Balance offers a one-stop-shop for holistic wellness with IV Vitamin Drip Therapies, Aerial Fitness, Yoga, Massage Therapy, Fascial Stretch Therapy, and Nutrition – creating a complete health experience. Working individually with clients helps them to achieve their health and lifestyle goals by identifying specific areas of need and focusing on the root cause, not just the symptoms. They have also developed their own formulas for their Drip IV Therapy, with different iv vitamins to give an extensive list of benefits, ranging but not limited to immunity support, fatigue fighting, weight loss, skin rejuvenation, jet lag, mild chelation, and cancer recovery support to name a few.

Whole Life Balance is excited for its first Canadian location in Toronto’s lively King West neighbourhood! With the ever-growing need for accessible health, this location is run by another one of my wonderful fellow Certified Holistic Nutritionists and Writer, Sandra Chabot Weber. The philosophy behind the space is all around education while helping both their clients and the community to build a healthier lifestyle.

Daniel and I decided to try out one of their aerial yoga classes along with some IV Drip Therapy similar to this IV concierge nad+ therapy, which is apparently very popular with all sorts of people from atheletes to Hollywood movie stars. With a belief in treating the whole person and not just the symptoms, we found that the experience was tailored just for us as individuals, without a standard blanket approach. When you arrive, you are met by a dedicated and knowledgeable staff who are focused on you and your comfort along the journey.

The atmosphere has been cultivated in order to steer clear from the standard (and stuffy) clinical setting, with interesting designs, art fixtures, music and coloured lights. With ER-trained nurses on staff, you are given a medical assessment prior to receiving your drip and then monitored throughout the process to ensure safety, efficacy and high standards.

The entire process was seamless and comfortable – from the aerial yin yoga class to the wonderful balancing Drip IV. I can’t wait to make Whole Life Balance my go-to one-stop-shop for wellness in 2017!

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Catherine Sugrue, CNP
Holistic Nutritionist

Photos by Catherine Sugrue taken on her Samsung Galaxy 7