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For most of you it has become quite apparent that when it comes to technological devices, Julio & I can usually be counted on to be in the know about Samsung Canada‘s latest and greatest. From head to toe and extensions thereof, we always like to associate ourselves with the best on the market and tell you all about it so you can do the same. But does the Samsung Canada Lifestyle have to stop with cellphones and cameras? Absolutely not. At the end of the day, life is a lot more than just events and tweets, Instagram and blogs. We all come home to our respective living arrangements and need to do what people do. We need to eat. We need to sleep. And we need to live.

It’s one of the reasons why I love writing about Lifestyle topics so much. I have the opportunity to tell you about topics and brands that can help to make your Lifestyle more convenient and more creative. Well ladies & gentlemen, let me be one of the first to tell you about the #SamsungChefCollection (follow the hashtag online for some behind the scenes amazing coverage) line of products that are about to reinvent your personal Lifestyle in the home.

For the first time in Canada, Samsung Canada had taken over a raw space in the city of Toronto to highlight these new products. Located at 143 King Street East, products that can cater to any home were available to be seen and interacted with. Although this interactive space is now officially closed, based upon the success of the program, I would assume this isn’t the last you will see of Samsung products in creative pop-up spaces in Canada. With four new high-end products available, Samsung Canada is truly reinventing the home in more ways than one. If you are one of the lucky ones to get your hands on some of these new appliances, make sure that your home warranty covers them just in case of a breakdown. Companies such as First American Home Warranty can help you with making sure your appliances are always covered.

image (1)“… a lineup of premium home appliances for the enthusiastic at-home chef who appreciates high-quality, well-designed products. The new Samsung Chef Collection consists of four state-of-the-art appliances that incorporate insights from some of the world’s top professional chefs, including: a 4-door refrigerator that keeps even the most delicate ingredients intact, an electric slide-in range with a sophisticated level of temperature control, an over-the-range microwave with precise sensor cooking settings and a game-changing WaterWall™ dishwasher with one of the most significant cleaning innovations in the past 40 years.”


The Toronto team for & FASHIONIGHTS were able to get an exclusive sneak peak recently at the four new products, and let me tell you, I need all four in my life ASAP. The line is meant to simplify and enhance the home in ways that only Samsung technology and innovation can do. “…And it doesn’t end there – this collection is particularly suited to those that relish the cooking process from start to finish, taking their time to prepare natural, fresh foods and then enjoy them together with family and friends.”

So let’s get right to it, shall we?

The Samsung Chef Collection 4-Door Refrigerator (model: RF34H9960SR)


This fridge is amazing. Once you have this fridge, it’s very unlikely that you’d ever need another fridge. Perpahs after 10 years you may need a fridge repair but this magnificent fridge would still serve you. Here are a few specs to get your inner foodie excited:

  • The Metal Cooling Plate maintains the set temperature throughout the refrigerator, important for keeping food fresh.
  • A lower right compartment – the Fridge-in-Freezer – converts from a refrigerator to a freezer and back again, serving a variety of food preparation and storage purposes.
  • One of the largest fridges in Samsung’s lineup, the 34 cu. ft. ultra-high capacity fridge has enough room to ?t up to 34 bags of groceries.
  • New chef pantry features Michelin Star Chef-selected temperature settings for marinating to maintain optimal temperatures before cooking to extend quality and taste.
  • Available at select Canadian retailers for (MSRP) $6,599.99 in June 2014.

The Samsung Chef Collection Electric Slide-in Range (model: NE5889950WS)


  • The Samsung Chef Collection Electric Slide-in Range (model: NE5889950WS) features a sophisticated level of oven control and more precise temperature regulation to enable the creation of meals you’ll want to show off. Available at select retailers for (MRSP) $2,999.99 in June 2014.
  • The Samsung Chef Collection Induction Slide-in Range (model: NE58H9970WS) features four virtual flame induction burners for easy-to-use temperature control and is the first induction burner of its kind with knobs. Available at select retailers for (MSRP) $3,899.99 in July 2014.
  • Lastly, the Samsung Chef Collection Gas Slide-in Range (model: NX58H9950WS) includes a Dual Burner and stainless steel cooktop for a clean, minimalist look. Available at select retailers for (MRSP) $2,899.99 in July 2014. You could also purchase the commercial gas cooktop if you’ve a lot of guests coming over on a regular basis.

The Chef Collection Over-The-Range (OTR) Microwave’s (model: ME21H9900AS)


  • Simple Clean design makes it easy to remove at the touch of a button for routine maintenance.
  • New bottom controls provide easy accessibility and a premium, streamlined look designed for contemporary kitchens of the future.
  • Available at select Canadian retailers for (MSRP) $699.99 in June 2014.

The WaterWall™ Dishwasher (model: DW80H9970)


Beautiful spotless dishes are just as important to the meal experience as the food itself. This is why many people chose to have a dishwasher installed in their kitchens by expert plumbers like Morris Jenkins, for example. But the basic technology and design of dishwashers – with their inefficient conventional rotary and circle water sprays — has not advanced in 40 years. Until now.

  • The WaterWall™ technology’s linear mechanism moves along the bottom of the dishwasher tub to provide consistent high water pressure throughout the wash replacing traditional rotary wash systems and creating a powerful wall of water that reaches from corner to corner for full cleaning coverage every time.
  • The Controllable Intensive Washing function (Zone Booster) offers two cleaning zones – high pressure and temperature wash for heavily soiled pots and normal wash with a lighter stream for plates and glasses.
  • Available at select Canadian retailers for (MSRP) $1,899.99in June 2014.

So is this basically one giant wishlist for the home? Absolutely. But let me tell you that seeing all four of these amazing appliances in person makes you realize how Samsung Canada is stepping up the game for Lifestyle in and out of the home. So much so that Julio, Catherine & I even fell in love with the Brand New First Curved UHD TV. It’s a must for any of us and truly makes you realize how advanced the technology Samsung has to offer is. This thing quite literally must be in my life both for how beautiful it is and for the amazing quality of picture and sound. If you are in the market for a new television, this is one brand you absolutely must consider. I know that I have added it to my wishlist for the year!


Lastly… Let me tell you how we loved the experience so much that I had to get a Samsung VU7000 Motion Sync Vacuum of our very own. Catherine had a chance to play spokesperson with several of the new Samsung Canada vacuums below and clearly should be the new model for the brand. Don’t you think?


Julio & I’s new vaccum has proven to be perfect for the busy couple on the go. In our condo, life can get a bit messy as I’m sure it does for you. The easy movement around those tricky spaces allows us to clean up any mess life and our blogs throw our way. And the power and noise control make you realize that those antiquated vacuums of times past (you know the ones. They sounded like jet plane engines and had to be dragged around the house aggressively) are long gone. Make way for Samsung Canada and the age of technology, convenience and beauty. Now, if I could just convince Catherine to dress up like this and do the vacuuming for us…

All in all these products and many more represent the reason why we stand behind Samsung Canada. They always have the consumer in mind with their latest innovations and keep us ahead of the times with their technological advances. Make sure to stay tuned to Samsung Canada’s website for the latest & greatest from cellphones to dishwashers and be a part of what I love to call #TeamSamsung.


Like what you see? Tweet & Instagram @SamsungCanada with your personal #SamsungChefCollection favourites. I’m sure they’d love to hear how their products are making your very own lifestyle better. Tag @DoTheDaniel to bring me along for the tour of your home and new Samsung appliances when you too fall in love with each and every one of them.

Photos: Samsung Canada & taken with our Samsung Canada GALAXY Camera 2


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