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Food & Wine | David Rocco offers some #ShareTheTable Recipes to try with Barilla Canada

For those of you who follow along with our adventures, you’ll have recently seen our collaborative post with Barilla Canada when they launched their Share The Table campaign. We gathered our little family in Ottawa for dinner around the table and decided to focus on what is important. Check out our #ShareTheTable launch feature here alongside some delicious recipe ideas by the talented David Rocco!

For those of you who also love the line of products Barilla has to offer, I wanted to take a moment to tell you about the Barilla PLUS products, which actually offer 27% more protein than the traditional semolina products. When choosing your next pasta, it’s a great option that we personally enjoy making with our family.

By now you’ve hopefully have had the chance to try Catherine’s Cabinet’s delicious Fresh Marinara Sauce we featured in the first post. To build on the importance of cooking at home, we had a chance to get some of David Rocco’s recipes to try next. It’s always great to have go-to recipes, especially when they come from a celebrity chef!

David Rocco - Spaghetti Caprese - Photo

David Rocco’s Spaghetti Caprese  

Makes: 4 Servings


1 lb (450 g) Barilla® spaghetti

2-3 tomatoes, chopped

8 oz (225 g) Fiore di latte or Mozzarella di bufala

Basil leaves, QB

Salt, QB

chopped fresh oregano, optional

Extra Virgin Olive oil, QB


Begin cooking your spaghetti. While that’s boiling, chop your tomatoes and your Fiore di Latte. Put them in a bowl together. You are going to assemble and season the ingredients as if you were making a Caprese salad. So, add some salt, your basil and if you want some fresh oregano. Add your olive oil and mix well. When the pasta is al dente drain well. Let it sit for a few minutes to slightly cool down, you don’t want the hot spaghetti to melt or soften the ingredients. When it’s cooled down a little, or even cold, toss the pasta with your Caprese and enjoy. This is one of my favorite summer pastas.

David Rocco - Pasta Al Forno - Photo

David Rocco’s Pasta Al Forno

Makes: 4 Servings


1 lb (500g) BARILLA® Rigatoni

4 tbs (60ml) extra virgin olive oil

2 cloves garlic, chopped

1 large eggplant, cubed 15 infornate olives or any black olives, pitted and chopped

10 large sun-dried tomatoes, chopped 2 dried chili peppers, crushed (optional)

Salt, QB

3 cups (750mL) tomato purée

3/4 lb (375g) mozzarella cheese, shredded

Smoked scamorza cheese, roughly chopped

Freshly grated Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese, for sprinkling 


Preparation: Cook the Barilla® pasta in boiling water. Heat up a saucepan over medium-high heat. Pour in the extra-virgin olive oil and brown up the garlic. Make sure the oil is hot before adding the eggplant, olives, sun-dried tomatoes and chili peppers. Sauté the whole thing until the eggplant gets soft and is slightly golden. When the eggplant is nice and golden, add some salt and the tomato purée. Simmer for 5 to 10 minutes or until the pasta is ready.

Drain the pasta and return it to the pot. Add all the sauce, and the mozzarella and scamorza cheeses. Stir really well. Pour the whole thing into a large baking dish. Top with a good sprinkle of Parmigiano and bake in a 400°F (200°C) oven for about 30 minutes or until beautifully golden and crisp.

For more recipe ideas, make sure to check out the Barilla Canada recipe page online.


And of course, in case you missed our adorable video that the ladies in Ottawa were able to make for our #ShareTheTable meal, make sure to watch it now!

Let’s not forget that the #ShareTheTable campaign is about reconnecting and refocusing on what is important. The simple act of gathering the ones we love together to cook and eat without distractions is so important and can help to foster healthy relationships over delicious food!


Before you put your phone down for a family meal using Barilla products while making these delicious recipes, follow @BarillaCAN on Twitter and ‘Like’ their Facebook page. For food and menu inspiration, follow @DavidRoccosVita on Twitter Instagram while you’re at it! Use the #ShareTheTable hashtag to join in on the social media conversation and of course don’t forget to submit your special moments when dinner is done to for a chance to win a trip to Italy!

For more behind the scenes of this and other amazing brands we are working with, make sure to follow along with the #DoTheDaniel Instagram account!

Photos: Amanda Hayden Photography & Barilla Canada


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** I have partnered with the brand for this sponsored feature. The above content is my own and expresses our personal experience of the product. The opinions expressed are fully endorsed by and it’s staff.

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