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When a friend calls you up and asks you to take part in an exciting adventure to both empower women and to help spearhead an inspirational movement by going indoor skydiving, you just say yes.  Come on now.  And so, I did!  I dove right in (literally) full force because I decided years ago that that’s how I want to live my life.  Pushing outside of the comfort zone and just saying YES.

With the new year creeping up on us so quickly, we need to ask ourselves, why make a 2015 resolution when we can make a revolution?  Kellogg’s Special K and Nia Vardalos are calling on all Canadians to ditch the New Year’s Resolution and try something a little different – the #2015REVOLUTION.

I was fortunate enough to kick off my healthy #2015Revolution surrounded by a group of incredibly positive and uplifting women.  Sonya rounded us all up for a life changing indoor skydiving experience at iFly Toronto in order to inspire us to get out there and try something new and completely different!  Listen, I had NO idea what to expect and was a little nervous, but isn’t that the best part of life?


We were all coached prior to our flying experience by the hilarious and equally lovely Ryan (whom all of the women instantly crushed on) on how to signal each other within the tunnel using a funny form of sign language.  Other than looking intensely awkward, I loved every single minute of it.  I thought I was doing well until we stayed to watch the professional competitive indoor skydiving teams practice.  Oh dear.


In typical Catherine-style, I had to ruin our group shot by checking out Ryan’s butt.   Sexy jumpsuits though, right?


I want to send a huge thank you and some loving energy to Special K and Sonya for putting this together and for motivating me on the way to my big #2015Revolution!  Now it’s YOUR turn, readers.  What will you do to revolutionize your 2015?  Go out and do it!


Photos: ifly Toronto, Sonya Davidson, Special K

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  1. What a cool thing to do! I would be a little scared of trying it, but it must have been quite an experience.

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