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Review by Catherine’s Cabinet

Picture this… it’s early, but you need to get up so you glide out of bed.  You walk over to the bathroom, flip on the light, rip back the shower curtain and turn on the shower.  It’s getting hotter and steamier by the second so you slip off your clothes (if you were wearing any to begin with) and step in.  The water cascades down your body, beading in all the right places and you’re feelin’ like it’s time to start lathering yourself up.

You reach for your body wash, squeeze it into the palm of your hand, rub your hands together and start smoothing it across your skin as the fresh scents start to fill the air.  You grab the bottle again… mmm what is that smell?  You flip it over, reading the ingredients to find out what is causing this heavenly aroma.  And your eyes stop… at one word… Formaldehyde?!?  WHAT THE EFF?!  HOLD UP.  This was supposed to be a hot and steamy shower scene, not some chemical crap storm!  Oh, and I’m a bit of a tease, did I forget to mention this?

Serious-talk time here folks, how many of you are taking the time to read every single ingredient on the labels of the products you’re using?  Do you google words like “parabens” on the regular?  I’m going to assume that you’re probably not doing this (unless you’re a bit bananas like I am).  Well, there’s a new app out there that’s here to save the day, your health and the environment (cue superhero music here)!


Think Dirty is a personal and skincare product comparison app that provides super easy to understand information on the products that you’re using or are potentially looking to use.  It helps you to better understand the ingredients (because I don’t speak science, do you?) and also kindly suggests “cleaner” options.

I was fortunate enough to score a one on one interview with Lily Tse, the wonderful creator of the Think Dirty app so I could ask all about her dirty thoughts on this massive industry.

Q: As a Holistic Nutritionist, I always say “never put anything on your skin that you wouldn’t eat” because what goes ON your skin goes IN your body!  What was your biggest inspiration for creating this app?

A: “The biggest inspiration was for my own health and for consumer’s rights to transparency.  I want to empower them to vote with their dollars for products that are genuinely safe.

As women, we usually sacrifice health for the sake of beauty.  Women’s health and technology is an area that is underserved, and I want to leverage my skills from the advertising world to help bring this cause to the attention of consumers, especially young women.”

Q: How do you feel about companies “green washing” these days?  With up to 68,300 products listed, how will this app help people to distinguish between the truly “green” products and the ones using it as a marketing campaign? 

A: “We don’t take into consideration what is posted on front of a package or label.  We research even “natural” sounding ingredients the same way as those with chemical names.  For example, Grapefruit Seed Extract sounds natural, but if it’s commercially obtained, it could potentially be contaminated with preservatives.”

Q: Simplifying access to information is key to raising awareness.   What is your ultimate goal with this app? 

A: “We want consumers to buy the safest products with their hard-earned dollars.  And we want the companies that are trying to make safe products available to be successful.  Think Dirty creates a level playing field for brands who don’t have big marketing budgets or glossy ad campaigns to be able to showcase their ingredients.  If consumers are using products that are safe and they feel good about themselves, and if natural independent brands are profitable by selling safe products – our mission is accomplished.”


Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for dirty thoughts, I just don’t want to have them about my beauty products.  To learn more about this brilliant app and on how to shop clean, visit their website here.  They are currently taking part in an Indiegogo Campaign and would love your support in order to keep making a difference.  With only one quick download to your smart phone, you’ll be thinking dirty for yourself!