Being “Green” Has Never Looked This Good

Having had several moments over the last twelve moments where I was able to stop and realize how much I have grown, I am finally able to be happy with the man I am today in 2019. I am not perfect, and just like you I have made a lot of mistakes. That’s human nature – and I think some of the best lessons I have had to learn have been from loss and challenging choices. And my friends, that is okay.

We have to go through all of that in order to properly appreciate those things, and people, we love with all the ferocity of our hearts. Or at least, that is how I am choosing to see this year. I know what I feel, what I think, what I believe, and who I want to be as a man. Both for myself and for those in my life. One of those decisions comes from the knowledge I acquired in 2018 about my impact on the world around me with the purchases I make.

I feel as though 2018 was the year where the world as a whole learnt a lot more about itself. From personal growth in the lives of those around me, to watching how the climate dramatically has changed the face of our planet, we are hopefully learning to be better. Individually I am trying to stay away from fast fashion, harmful products for the environment, brands that support causes that are in direct conflict to my life as a gay man, and much more. As a consumer, it is my obligation to educate myself on the fact that my dollars directly go towards (or against) the changes that are happening in the world. Be they good, or bad.

Realizing this is getting a little preachy – allow me to use one last example of something that happened over the holidays. While grocery shopping in Ottawa with my mom, a certain charity had their “Santa” collection glass ball dangling by the exit door. Almost out of habit my mom reached into her purse and put five dollars in there, saying with a beautiful smile “Merry Christmas.”

I stopped in my tracks.

Looking at her, I had to explain why supporting that charity in this day and age is something I cannot do. Because they ACTIVELY promote anti-LGBT rights and groups. Because over the years, their antiLGBT political maneuvering and other incidents have directly affected a community that I am a part of. She was so shocked when I told her, and apologized. Knowledge is power in the age of social media – and while I hope to one day hear that they have changed their tune, I know that sharing that knowledge with her hopefully helped make her stop and think for a moment.

Similarly, supporting brands like the ones we have over the last twelve months, I have realized that this platform now holds a certain amount of leverage in the education aspect of the content we create amid the entertainment value of it all. Yes it is fun to share things we love, but I also know that I can’t in all good conscience share things that are very publicly shamed for social intolerance, poor environmental practises, or for just being outright shitty. Pardon my language.

So let’s real it all back in to say that starting the new year, it was important to showcase brands and experiences that I not only love personally, but also support professionally. We all work really hard to earn our money, and I want you to know that the brands we support are ones that (hopefully) also believe that the world can always be better. That we can always learn.

Let’s flash back to late 2018 when I had the pleasure of being introduced to worldSALON here in Toronto. As you can read here – I realized that even the simple pleasure of going to see a stylist and pampering myself can have a detrimental affect on the planet. Brian and his team have since become a part of who I am both as a person and as a “brand” (for lack of better term) because I visit them to keep my unruly curls in check. From going dark again to my home beauty products, they have really opened my eyes to the fact that your salon choices can be good ones. And no, I’m not talking about stylist capabilities – I have a LOT of friends in that world that work for other places, but I know that for me, the choice to go to worldSALON makes me feel better as a person.

Did I also mention that their products and product line are incredible? As someone who gets sent a lot of products, I can usually be found going back to a handful of them because I love them that much. Call me a creature of habit, but it’s important to know your body and what works for it. If you’re in – or visiting – Toronto and already have a stylist why not check out
WORLD for yourself to see what I mean.

So with our #DTDturns5 bash around the corner, new staff to hire, expansions to approve and so much to do, I look forward to my next visit to see Brian and the team. They always leave a smile on my face, help me to feel my best, and are helping to make the world a bit more beautiful with their ethical practises. If nothing else, I hope that this post makes you stop and think about the little choices in your day-to-day and that you too can make the world better with your actions and purchases.

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Daniel Reyes

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