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Every now and then I have a moment while I’m partaking in a physical activity, when I have to stop to dig into what feels like never-ending deep folds of clingy uncomfortable fabric to pry the freakin’ bra out from my side. Come on now. I’m JUST trying to sweat out some toxins like a LADY here. Gimme a breaaaaak.

For real though, can we talk about chafing here for a minute? Yeah, not the most comfortable subject… literally. My version of “bringing sexy back” doesn’t usually involve redness, rashes, pain and discomfort! We all experience it at some point, but do we really have to? Some of you may already be aware of my boob-situation from one of my previous New Balance posts. I have some serious stuff goin’ on out front and let me tell you, they get in the way!

This summer I was fortunate enough to test out the Smooth Operator, one of the fitness bras in the New Balance Psyche Bra Collection available at The Running Room. I said goodbye to bouncing and chaffing and hello to boob-freedom (actually they weren’t very free, they were quite strapped in to be honest – but you catch my drift).

product photo shoot    Camera Angles include: 3.Left 3Q,2.Back

Ideal support for those with B and C cups, the Smooth Operator aims to prevent irritation with minimal seaming all over and outwardly rolled seams around the neck and armholes. No more chaffing, my friends! Trust me, the moulded cups and compression support have served me well so far while I’m trying to run my way to a better me. Too bad I still suck at running. Can bras fix that too??


Use what you have. What do I mean by that? Well, anything can be a work-out station if you make it one. Here’s an example – don’t have any weights at home? Grab a couple of cans from your cupboard, press your back up against a wall holding them downwards in your hands and squat, squat, SQUAT! You’ll feel it, believe me. No more excuses! Don’t let anything hold you back from getting a bit of fitness into your daily schedule. For more useful tips, feel free to visit fit healthy momma! They’re a little more knowledgable than me so you might find some really useful information on their site.



The Smooth Operator Smoothie

This week I’ve opted for a bit of a twist on the normal “smoothie”. There’s no real need for a blender with this one but feel free to throw it all in anyways and give it a whizz up. This baby is chock full of electrolytes, antioxidants, detoxifying fibre and liver support – all required while you’re working out that hot bod. Those looking for wellness products with liver support should check out the morning complete reviews out there to see if this product meets their health needs.

1 1/2 Cups Coconut Water

1 TBSP Chia Seeds

1 Scoop Unflavoured Greens Powder

Squeeze Lemon

Pinch Sea Salt

1 TSP Maple Syrup (Optional)

I’m sure by now you’ve heard a lot of about coconuts! They’re fantastic for those looking to give their metabolism a boost as they contain Medium Chain Triglycerides. Chia seeds are kick ace little water soluble toxin removers full of good fats. There has been tons of research put out there on the importance of intaking the right amount of good fats for your cell membrane health. They’re also integral to your mitochondrial function – which is the powerhouse of the cell where energy is produced as well as where the cell cycles and growth are controlled. Believe it or not, mitochondria are a very small organelle that can’t even be seen when adding a stain to a microscope cover slip. A stain is applied by a pipette, which is used for precision instead of just pouring the liquid on the slip; serological pipettes are made of super clear clarity polystyrene (PS) which also shows the quality of them. This will then stain the organelles, but mitochondria are so small that they are only seen under an electron microscope.

Okay, that was a bit science-y for you wasn’t it? Sorry about that. What you need to know is that good fats will give you energy and keep you healthy while you’re kicking butt at your workout sesh. Alongside some great fitness gear to keep you in check, you’ll be well on your way to feeling and looking your best. Ta daaaaaa!


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Photos: Catherine Sugrue & New Balance Canada

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